Traffic Management and Engineering


AMP staff employ advanced evaluation methods and provide innovative technological and tangible solutions to deal with increasing traffic volumes, congestion and accidents that adversely impact travelers and the wider economy.  Our staff have the knowledge and experience to undertake traffic studies, including the use of state-of-the-art simulation and optimization models that represent the existing traffic situation and allow testing the effect of various solutions prior to deployment.  Post implementation monitoring is also undertaken to verify the effectiveness of the solution in the real world and allow fine-tuning, as necessary.

Safety analysis is a key element in identifying erroneous or poor elements of highway design that may potentially contribute to road accidents.  Our experienced staff study and evaluate safety issues and recommend mitigation measures to eliminate or alleviate the risk.

An effective signal control system is an essential part of any successful traffic management operation.  Our highly skilled professionals can study the existing road layouts, design and implement new or updated traffic signal systems, including producing optimized signal timing plans, and enhance fixed signage and road markings that will enhance network throughput and support improved and efficient traffic management.

Key Capabilities

  • Accident and safety analysis
  • Parking and circulation studies
  • Pedestrian facilities planning & design
  • Signing and signal inventories
  • Traffic operations analysis
  • Traffic signal system feasibility & design
  • Traffic signal timing & design
  • Asset management
  • Commercial vehicle operations
  • Parking studies and analysis
  • Pedestrian and bicycle trail/path planning and design
  • Railroad crossings
  • Road safety audits
  • Signing and striping
  • Travel demand forecasting and modeling
  • Traffic engineering studies, analysis, and design
  • Access management
  • Corridor optimization
  • Surveys and data collection
  • Intersection improvements
  • Microsimulation modeling
  • Roundabouts
  • Traffic operations analysis
  • Traffic calming
  • Traffic impact studies
  • Traffic control devices