Aviation is one of the fastest growing and technologically advanced modes in transport.  In developing economies, significant increases in tourism and business flights place increasing pressures on airports and airspace with regard to capacity, infrastructure, technology systems and human resource.  In order to meet this challenge, governments need to evolve to support growth through improvement of domestic legislation and regulatory functions, infrastructure development, embracing regional integration and harmonisation, as well as compliance with international technical and safety regulations.


Roads and highways are the arteries and veins that transport goods and people essential to support a healthy national economy.  Growth of a developing economy goes hand-in-hand with corresponding increases in transport demand, vehicle ownership, traffic congestion and pollution.  These are mounting challenges that face transport in the 21st Century.


Rail and mass transit systems increasingly fulfill the need to provide efficient solutions for sustainable mobility of goods and people, in both urban and inter-urban environments.  Mass Transit solutions, including light rail, trams/street cars and bus transit, all provide people with the essential means of movement within a city environment and the suburbs. Improved accessibility and quality of service offered to urban travelers by these energy efficient modes promotes modal shift from personal vehicles, thus reducing congestion and carbon emissions.


Transportation of freight and goods from one place to another, either domestically or internationally, is akin to the blood flowing through the veins and arteries of the body.  The fast, smooth and efficient flow of commodities and products is an essential pre-requisite for a healthy and growing economy.  For international trade the movement of freight is more likely to be multi-modal (i.e. road, rail, sea and air), therefore the location, layout and processes at the modal interchanges are critical to the logistics operations and getting goods to customers on time.