AMP understands the importance of financial issues for client’s projects and programmes and have significant experience of financial analysis, budget management and commercial strategy, including PPP.  We can offer analysis which will provide a complete breakdown of project costs, forecast income and returns on investment, as well as defining financial risks and carrying out Value-for-Money (VfM) analysis.

Based on a client’s risk tolerance we will recommend an appropriate commercial strategy and identify a range of options that will deliver the clients desired outcomes.  We have extensive experience of advising public sector clients on the structure of PPP schemes that deliver the long-term stability and investment required for many transport infrastructure projects.

Key Capabilities

  • Cost identification
  • Financial analysis
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Value-for-Money (VfM) assessment
  • Return on Investment (RoI)
  • Contract strategy
  • Risk & opportunity identification
  • Risk mitigation strategies
  • Public Private Partnership (PPP) structures
  • International/domestic legal and regulatory compliance
  • Fare structures and income analysis