Mass Transit & Rail

Mass Transit & Rail

Rail and mass transit systems increasingly fulfill the need to provide efficient solutions for sustainable mobility of goods and people, in both urban and inter-urban environments.  Mass Transit solutions, including light rail, trams/street cars and bus transit, all provide people with the essential means of movement within a city environment and the suburbs. Improved accessibility and quality of service offered to urban travelers by these energy efficient modes promotes modal shift from personal vehicles, thus reducing congestion and carbon emissions.

Similarly, High-Speed Rail (HSR) provides energy efficient travel between major cities, minimising carbon emissions, and for many shorter city links can provide door-to-door time savings, when compared to air travel. Many countries are investing in this sector to deliver medium to long term environmental and economic benefits.

AMP has been involved from inception of the mass transit system in Bangkok throughout its development.  Our expertise is demonstrated through our track-record of advising stakeholders on financing, contract strategy (e.g. PPP), fare structures and ticketing, automatic fare collection systems, network expansion, etc.  AMP has knowledge and experience in feasibility and planning of all mass transit modes, including tram, bus rapid transit systems and monorail, therefore we are able to examine and recommend a full range of transit options to suit a client’s specific needs and budget.  AMP is also able to provide strategic advice on network planning and operations of heavy rail, for both passengers and freight, as well as HSR networks.